The more we are connected…the further we are – AG

Sharing at the dinner table, or while in the company of friends, seems to be a dying art. Children play outside, adults go to pool halls, bowling ally’s or hang out to watch the game.but these are but notions of the past.

Instant photos, virtual online worlds, chat clients, voice over internet. Excellent communication tools, but they take away the personnel interaction. It’s easy to find what you need, or how much you want to interact with someone via online medium. Unfortunately so much is lost during the process.

Wait, you just said Internet is ruining us, but you have a blog? Yes. Since we live in a digital world, it is the simplest method to ”share my story”.

As you look over this blog, you will learn more about me, what catches my eye, what helpful insights I might be able to provide and maybe come away from ”the table” with a little more knowledge or a second opinion.

Although most here will just be ramblings, some photos, a bit about my volunteer work and maybe some recipes, you may find more…who knows. site logo
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