Springs Preserve Bird Walk – March 2018


Was overcast this morning, but that didn’t stop the birds. Did a walk-through at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada and tested out the 100-300mm used lens I picked up. Love the clarity and bokeh on these. Will have to revisit when the sun is out, as I can see the lack of colors on some and the clarity a bit lacking.

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Almost full moon

While trying to take a photo of the moon yesterday, it came out hazy due to the weather. Today though, it came out great. The details when I zoom in are just spectacular. Not bad for a first attempt with a DSLR. Noticed the image quality was a bit downgraded after upload, but the lower corner of the moon still looks sharp!


Getting your site ready for mobile-friendly indexing.

Mobile searches are just as important as the desktop search. If you are selling a service or marketing a client who sells locally, your mobile search is even more important. People will often search on their phone to find something nearby, why not make sure you’re taking advantage of it?

You can read more about Google’s mobile-first indexing via the link below, or you can check your site for mobile-friendliness now via this link.

Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Getting your site ready for mobile-first indexing