Resolving SSL Update Network error:14090086 in WordPress

After a recent upgrade to WordPress 3.5 on a multisite installation, I received an error when using “Update Network” through the GUI. I did some searching via WordPress forums and Google, but did not find anything specific to MU usage.

I did find a non-English site which offered a solution, but it required editing the files within WordPress, something which could be overwritten during an upgrade. Continue reading

VMWare tools install for CentOS

I had enabled the desktop environment for my VM installation and received the familiar pop-up to install VMWare tools. These tools provide outstanding support when working within the virtual machine.

Since my VM was a clean install, there were a few system changes which needed to be completed before running the installer. Continue reading

Build your own LAMP Server under CentOS

I was looking for a development server to test builds on and ran across a few pre-made virtual distros that I thought would help. Unfortunately I was not sure of what was installed in some, and most I ran across were Ubuntu, an OS I am not too keen about.

I did a bit of digging and found a base distro for CentOS 6, with a minimal amount of addons. Continue reading

Securing BuddyPress Password Page

While working on my first BuddyPress installation, I noticed a serious security issue where members are directed to a non-secure page to change their password or email. The default page is an http page, allowing unencrypted information to pass over the net.

This is obviously an issue, especially for your membership who put their trust in you to keep their information secure. Continue reading